29. Juni 2012

DIY: Crochet choker or headband

It's been a while since my last free crochet tutorial, and in fact I wanted to post this one some time ago, but couldn't find the time to finish it... so here it is at last, a romantic crochet choker with satin ribbon. If you simply crochet a longer band, you can also use this pattern to make a nice headband!

There are two versions of this design, a simple one with just the band without the shells on the edges, or the version you see on the above photo, with a scallop made of little shells.

I used standard cotton crochet thread and a size 8 hook (US sizes, would be 1,5mm). Checking your gauge is not necessary, just make the band as long as you like, that is a bit shorter than your neck (or head) circumference.

I use US crochet terms:

Ch 13
Row 1: dc in 5th chain after hook, dc in each ch across (10 dc), turn
Row 2: ch 3 (count as first dc), skip first dc, dc in next dc, ch 6, skip 6 dc, dc in next 2 dc, turn
Row 3: ch 3 (count as first dc), sk 1st dc, dc in each stitch across, turn (10 dc made)
Next rows: Repeat row 2 and 3 until you have reached your desired length, end with a "row 3". You should have an even number of “holes”! 

If you wish to just make the simple version of this design, you are already done. Fasten off, weave in all ends. Weave a satin ribbon through the “holes”, it should be long enough to fit comfortably around your neck (or head) including the length needed to tie a bow. You can seal the end of your ribbon with a flame (if you use synthetics only!)

the simple version

The scallop:
If you wish to do the version with the shells, do NOT fasten off after crocheting the band! Continue down the long side of your band, you will make the shells in between the first two dc at the beginning and end of the previous rows, around the "stem" of the first dc of row. It may sound complicated, but it’s really simple to make. See illustration for help.

Ch 2, 5 dc (shell) around the post of first dc of your last “row 2” you previously made, sc around post of dc of next “row 3”, *shell around post of first dc of next row, sc around post of dc of next row* continue until you have reached the end of this side. Ch 1, sl st in every st across short side of band, work along the other long side of your band the same way as before, fasten off, weave in all ends. 

Weave in your satin ribbon and you’re done! 

Happy crocheting!


(c) Klara Kleingeld 2012. You may use this tutorial to make items for personal use. You can use this to make items for sale on craft fairs, etsy and the like, but if you do so please give me credit and link back to my blog. You may NOT sell this pattern or parts of it! This tutorial is not for mass production!


  1. Das sieht so wunderschön aus :) Das hast du toll gemacht

  2. It's so beautiful and elegant but simple ..loved it..:) , thank you for the inspiration..
    And this is my crochet site..I'm just a beginner..