30. September 2011

Get your skinny scarf!

Ok, let's face it: Summer's gone. Though the days are still warm and sunny here one has to think about colder days and falling leaves... Today my grandma persuaded me to look for a winter coat with her cause I told her that I was wearing mine for three years now... but I guess I should never ever do this with my grandma again! Well, I don't think I'm too choosy - but I will certainly NOT wear a bulky beige coat with horrible fake fox fur. And I will certainly NOT wear an anorak that looks like a tent. I wouldn't give it house-room!
And what did my grandma say? "If you can't spend much money you can't be that delicate." I prefer to wear my classic black knee-length winter coat the fourth year... and I will NEVER EVER again go shopping with my granny.

Let's turn to more enjoyable things :)

Here I present you some skinny scarfs I lately made. I love skinny scarfs. They are pretty, not too warm and you can even wear them as some special kind of necklace. And: You can make one in just 2 to 4 hours, depending on how complex your pattern is.

I found the pattern for the red one in Debbie Stoller's "Happy Hooker" (one of my favourite crochet books still), the blue one is a Kristin Omdahl-design I took from "Crochet so fine" (a beautiful book!) and the one in dusky pink is made after a vintage lace pattern.
These thin scarfs are long enough to wrap them around your neck a few times and they dress up any outfit. And they are a perfect gift! Plus: In most cases you need only one skein, so they are perfect quick little projects to use up your yarn leftovers. Want to show me yours?


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