30. September 2011

Get your skinny scarf!

Ok, let's face it: Summer's gone. Though the days are still warm and sunny here one has to think about colder days and falling leaves... Today my grandma persuaded me to look for a winter coat with her cause I told her that I was wearing mine for three years now... but I guess I should never ever do this with my grandma again! Well, I don't think I'm too choosy - but I will certainly NOT wear a bulky beige coat with horrible fake fox fur. And I will certainly NOT wear an anorak that looks like a tent. I wouldn't give it house-room!
And what did my grandma say? "If you can't spend much money you can't be that delicate." I prefer to wear my classic black knee-length winter coat the fourth year... and I will NEVER EVER again go shopping with my granny.

Let's turn to more enjoyable things :)

Here I present you some skinny scarfs I lately made. I love skinny scarfs. They are pretty, not too warm and you can even wear them as some special kind of necklace. And: You can make one in just 2 to 4 hours, depending on how complex your pattern is.

I found the pattern for the red one in Debbie Stoller's "Happy Hooker" (one of my favourite crochet books still), the blue one is a Kristin Omdahl-design I took from "Crochet so fine" (a beautiful book!) and the one in dusky pink is made after a vintage lace pattern.
These thin scarfs are long enough to wrap them around your neck a few times and they dress up any outfit. And they are a perfect gift! Plus: In most cases you need only one skein, so they are perfect quick little projects to use up your yarn leftovers. Want to show me yours?


19. September 2011

I arrived!

Puh! Another month since the last post, but things are going to be better and I'm on the way to "normal" again. After weeks of hard work, after finding unexpected help, I finally arrived in the tiny town where I grew up - and where my future starts...
Berlin is always said to be so "green", especially for a metropole, but compared to the countryside, it is just a bad joke... sure, sometimes you can smell the dung on the fields, but how sweet it is compared to Berlin with dog crap all over the sidewalks and the smell of the sewage.

Till I find "my" place for the next years to come, I will stay in Haigerloch. It is such a cute little town, embedded in a narrow part of the valley of the small river Eyach, with its old castle on top of one hill, its quiet and a bit gloomy streets and alleys, the small houses with the tiny windows... in spring, the lilacs are in full bloom, giving the town a pittoresque look.

So I hope things will become better soon. And I'm already working a lot, so keep in touch and watch out for new things to come!


P.S.: I'm working on the instructions for a stunning lace scarf. Will come soon!