18. Juni 2011

Yarn Cocktails: Crochet Book

This is such a cute book! And I'm happy that I found it...

"The crocheter's guide to Yarn Cocktails" by Anastasia Blaes and Kelly Wilson shows 30 projects inspired by different cocktail recipes. There's a short but sufficient guide to the basic crochet techniques and one by one you learn some special techniques by doing the projects, such as cables, crocheting in the round, shaping and even felting, so this may even be a nice book for beginners.

The projects are really nice and wearable, and most of them seem to be quick to make, such as belts, a headband, hats, bags and purses and some jewelry. But there are some clothes also, such as two beautiful skirts, 2 Tops and a "corset" (which is something in between a top and a vest). And you can even make a necktie and a vest for your boyfriend ;)

The yarn substitution guide is really useful, especially as I don't expect to find the originally used yarns in Europe too easily (or not at all).

I'm already thinking about crocheting the "Bay Blue Hat" making some little changes to personalize it. Maybe adding a large crochet flower as embellishment? Or weaving through a satin ribbon? I really like these vintage-style ruffles...

And the cutest project: Pink panties made from soft alpaka yarn! On the backside playful ruffles are worked directly into the crochet fabric, that add this special burlesque touch to these oh so nice panties... I'll surely make these soon and show you some pictures if I'll be successful :)

And for the fun of it (or throwing your own yarn cocktail party with some crafty friends!?), the authors added some of the cocktail recipes that inspired the 30 projects... yummy!

There's also a knitting pendant to this book... maybe I should give it a try, though I'm not really a knitter yet!?


13. Juni 2011

Inspirations and DIY ideas: Leather rose hairclips

It's been some time... had a lot to do during the last few weeks. As I already told you, my hair accessories are now available at "Promobo" in Berlin, and I had to make lots and lots of hairbows...

But I also made some new items:
I discovered leather! Leather is smooth and firm and it has a very special fragrance... I love it!

So I started to make some little roses... I think they are a pretty nice idea to use up some leather scraps - even the really tiny ones, as you don't need very much to make a rose.

 I cut little circles out of some red and light brown leather and glued them together to form the blossoms. Start with little circles in the center and make larger ones for the outer petals.
Cut two "leafs" out of green leather and glue them to your flower, et voilà!
Textile glue works best, I used one made by "Gütermann".

Soon I figured out that using circles for petals makes quite cone-shaped blossoms, sort of too "high" for hairclips, so I glued my first leather roses on hairpins. What do you think?

To make your flowers more "flat", use little halfmoon-shaped pieces of leather (thick halfmoons! :)), start with little ones in the center and glue on bigger ones for the outer petals. Now my roses look like rose blossoms in full bloom... very nice, I think! Add leafs and, if you like, glue a little glass bead to the center of the rose (use embellishment glue!). Now glue on a round piece of leather to cover the bottom of your flower. You can now use embellishment glue to place your leather rose on a hairclip of your choice. Here are some of my leather rose hairclips:

Tell me what you think! If you need some help with these feel free to ask, maybe I can try to make some photos of the different steps.