2. Mai 2011

Crochet Jewelry

During the last weeks I've been working on a small collection of crochet jewelry. Spring with its first warm and sunny days inspired me to play around with yarns... I always liked the idea of crocheting jewelry, but most things I found were kind of bulky or even looked a bit clumsy, so I had to create my own... I took really fine yarn, mostly turkish crochet yarn, and my favourite hook, yes, the tiny tiny one... and started crocheting flowers. Soon I added beads from time to time, sometimes stitching them on the finished pieces, sometimes stringing them on my yarn and adding them while crocheting.

And, well, I really liked what I finally got: Delicate necklaces with lots of little flowers reminding me of wild roses and sweet marygolds... what do you think???

crochet necklace with organza ribbon

crochet choker with flowers

crochet flower necklace with organza ribbon

crochet choker with irish rose

crochet flower necklace with freshwater pearls

velvet choker with crochet roses

flower necklace